Calze GM Yarns

High Performance



  • Coolmax All Season

    Coolmax All Season

    The technology of these hollow fibers ensures the best thermal insulation with minimum weight. The great surface of the fiber allows quicker transpiration.

  • Coolmax


    This highly resistant fiber offers great comfort in any season. It is soft, requires little care and is great for transporting body moisture away from the skin. Moreover it dries super quickly. This fiber is developed so that it does not swell maintaining its softness and pleasant feeling next to the skin.

  • Meryl

    Meryl Fiber Skinlife

    It's a registered trademark for polyamide fiber. This fiber, thanks to its capillary structure, transports body moisture, increases the drying speed and prevents the cooling of the skin.

  • Dryarn


    Extremely lightweight yarn with excellent thermostatic and resistance features. This very thin yarn is used to make a polypropylene microfiber that does not absorb moisture and therefore remains constantly dry. Body moisture is transported outside where it quickly evaporates. The insulation properties of Dryarn are greater than those of wool. This provides excellent thermostatic regulation and defends the wearer from heat and cold. This yarn does not trap bacteria or mould and therefore is never the source of unpleasant odour. It does not stain from dirt, thus making the fabric very easy to wash. It is extremely resistant to friction. it never changes over time in terms of colour, size or exterior appearance and can be machine washed at temperatures up to 90℃. It is hypoallergenic, anti-static, enviromentfriendly because it is 100% recyclable, and is coloured without using polluting substances in the dyeing process.

  • Tactel


    Polyamide fiber with a fine structure that increases the socks comfort and durability. The material is breathable and easy to maintain.

  • X-static


    It's made with a layer of 99,9% pure silver, which is permanently bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. Prestigious institutions throughout the world have validated the antimicrobial performance. Eliminates bacteria in less than one hour of exposure.

  • NanoGLIDE


    It's an engineered fabric used in performance appareal and socks that eliminates abrasion and friction; reduces skin irritation, anti-blister and heat build up, while wicking moisture over a large surface area created by the unique PTFE micro channels. Nothing dries faster or cools the skin faster than NanoGLIDE. Maximum comfort with NanoGLIDE performance apparel and socks.

  • Schoeller


    Yarn with an high breathable power, lightweight, it garants an optimal comfort. Registered trademark Schoeller.

  • Sanitized


    It's a reliable and long-lasting treatment that helps prevent the growth of bad odor-generating bacteria.

  • Lycra

    It's a registered trademark for the elastane fiber of INVISTA, an ADVANSA license. It's a highly elastic material that ensures maximum comfort thanks to its tight fit without wrinkles. For its quality and durability Lycra is the ideal fiber for high performance sport socks.